Pixel Royale is a Battle Royale style shooter which pits 100 players against one another in a pixelated fight for survival. You must quickly drop into the arena, gather supplies and weapons, and set about outfighting and outwitting your opponents to be the last one standing! The most fascinating part of Pixel Royale is that it is the product of a single young developer, only 18 years old! Fight in a pixelated world for survival and help grow the next generation of game developers via constructive criticism and feedback at the same time. Of course, all the battle royale action you expect is here, every single pixel!

Pixel Royale Key Features

Battle Royale Shooter - You and 99 other players drop from an airplane into a vast arena, and you must quickly search for weapons and gear. Then, fight to be the last one standing, all while the arena is shrinking and pushing the survivors closer and closer together.

Pixel Fun - The light hearted pixelated graphics give the game something of a lighter feel than most Battle Royale shooters, and allow players to focus on fun. Plus, virtually any system can run Pixel Royale - well, maybe not your old Tandy desktop from 1993.

Indie As It Gets - Pixel Royale is the product of one young developer who took it upon himself to tackle a very ambitious project. Through constructive criticism and feedback, you can help him become better and better at his trade, and deliver better and better games for us to enjoy.