PlaneShift is a completely free fantasy MMORPG with an emphasis on role-playing. Built by Dungeon Masters and hardcore roleplayers, PlaneShift is an open-source MMORPG that doesn't have a cash shop, or a premium service, or any costs at all - you can even tinker with the code. Experience one of the very few truly free MMOs available. You will start your journey as a citizen of the realm of Yliakum, an enormous underground world filled with a myriad of races, guilds, creatures and other foes to battle, and many places to explore and find or create your own adventures. For those who enjoy playing a more quiet life, there will be many jobs and careers to choose from and always a tavern nearby to rest your feet and make new friends. The path you choose will be your own.

PlaneShift Key Features

Completely Free - There are no hidden fees, no cash shop, no premium account status or pay to win. PlaneShift is not only completely free, it's also open source - you can work with the code if you wish.

By RolePlayers, For RolePlayers - The world of PlaneShift was designed with storytelling and roleplay in mind. Whatever you wish to be, the game will help you support it and do it!

Diverse World - From a thriving economy with a fully functional craft and trade system to the eerie World of The Dead, the world(s) are vast, the possibilities legion. Where will you go?

Many Races - Choose from ten different races, who are not the same old Dwarves, Elves, and Halflings! From the seagoing Nolthrirs to the mineral based Kran, the fantasy world of PlaneShift is populated with unique people.