Planet Calypso is a free to play science fiction MMORPG which features a Real Cash economy and allows players to play as explorers, entrepreneurs, and more. Calpyso is the first and the largest planet in the Entropia Universe. Here, hunters go after the indigenous species or menacing robots, miners look for precious resources using seismic investigation methods and other tools, and so on. Some choose to craft tools, weapons and other items for the open market where Calypsians can both trade and invest. Others simply join for a truly great Virtual World experience in a Sci-fi MMO setting. Step into the shoes of a colonist on Planet Calypso and seek your fortune! What path will you choose?

Planet Calypso Key Features

Real Money Economy - All items in Entropia Universe have a guaranteed real-world monetary value (called the Trade Terminal value). Players acquire resources, items and services from one another to be able to produce their own goods and services, just as in a real-world economy. These goods and services are then acquired by yet other colonists, who produce their own goods and services. And so on.

Monetize Your Character - Even the skills your avatar acquires can be sold to other colonists at market price! As you play, grow, and customize your character, you're gaining value. Everything you do can make you money! The premium currency, PED (Project Entropia Dollar) is tied to the US Dollar at a rate of 10:1, guaranteeing your investment.

Play As You Like - Will you become a hunter, and seek out dangerous creatures and unknown places? A miner, prospecting for the rarest resources and components? Or will you be a crafter, and make the valuable weapons and items demanded by others? From PvP to trading to exploration, every activity in Planet Calypso is rewarding - in more ways than one!