Planet Nomads is a science fiction sandbox survival game where players must survive on alien planets by using Lego-like mechanics to build what they require. You are a scientist, whose spaceship has crash landed on an alien world, and now you must struggle to survive. Keeping your wits together is paramount; you must meet your basic needs, like food, water, and shelter. After these needs are met, players can start to figure out a way off of this oddly captivating world. Planet Nomads combines building, exploration, and survival to deliver an immersive and unique game experience.

Planet Nomads Key Features

Build - Building is the cornerstone of the game, and what you build determines how likely you are to survive. The more you build, the larger your potential to discover more advanced materials becomes; technology feeds on itself, after all. Choose from dozens of different building blocks and make nearly anything you can imagine.

Explore - Exploration is important; you may learn the lay of the land near your camp, but a few kilometers away, things might be very different. The immense scale of the planets is evident if you attempt to traverse them from pole to pole; a journey of 200 km awaits. Some places are more hostile than others, and you may need to build special gear to survive.

Survive - Living the nomadic life is full of danger. and adventure. But mostly danger. Surviving on an uninhabited planet is no easy task, but with careful planning, caution and a healthy amount of curiosity, you can do it. As long as you do not succumb to radiation, severe injury or dismemberment, starvation, exposure, predators, and so on, you'll be fine!