Pocket Gunfighters is a free to play gunfighting action game for mobile devices, which places you in intense shoot-outs armed with pistols, shotguns, and machine guns! Embark on a magical time adventure and join the greatest gunfighters from across time to stop the mysterious villain Equinox. Using simple gesture based fighting controls, take on a never ending string of ninjas, pirates, spies, and hit-men. Collect rare and unique gunfighters and assemble the greatest squad time has ever known. Evil villains are traveling through time trying to change history, and only you can stop them. Go on a shooting spree to save the world!

Pocket Gunfighters Key Features

Cast of Characters - Collect over 50 popular gunfighters for your master collection! Experience different gunfighters from all around the world!

Endless Wave Mode - Test your ability and see how far you can go with the endless stream of enemies. Be on the top ranking listing to unlock exclusive and powerful gunfighters for your collection!

Story Mode - Travel through time to gather the greatest gunfighters into your time machine. Complete stages to take on the mysterious Overlord!

Achievements - Trust yourself and take on the challenge to achieve the impossible; if you accomplish certain achievements, you will be rewarded with exclusive items!

Squad Skill - Unlock powerful skills by collecting gunfighters from the same squad, then use those amazing skills to overpower your enemies.

Upgrades - Max out your gunfighters by improving their stats to live long and shoot harder! The better they are, the more you'll win.