Pocket Legends is a free to play fantasy MMORPG for mobile devices which lets you step into the role of a hero tasked with saving the Elf Queen. The world of Alterra has been over-run and the Elf Queen needs your help to save the kingdom! Players take on the role of a bear, hawk, or an elf and strive to save the world from zombies, crocs, aliens, and more! Play online with friends in fast-paced Co-Op or PVP action. As you defeat enemies and bring justice to the land, you will unlock special abilities that you may customize to suit your play style. During your travels, you will also find rare treasures and gear. Play with anyone, anywhere, anytime!

NOTE: The Pocket Legends website is still live, but shows no updates since 2014. Be aware.

Pocket Legends Key Features

Free To Play Forever - Never pay a dime! Play for free today, tomorrow, and forevermore!

Unlock And Customize Class Abilities - The more you do, the more you'll unlock! Unlock special abilities to get an edge.

Get The Gear - Equip yourself with thousands of weapons, items, and other gear.

Multiplayer & Solo – Play in Co-Op, PVP, or Solo Mode. Whaver your mood, whatever you playstyle, Pocket Legends has your back!

Worldwide MMORPG – Play with millions online, anytime, anywhere!