Post Scriptum is a World War II themed first person shooter that delivers an intense combat experience focused on the fighting for Arnhem in 1944. Post Scriptum focuses on historical accuracy, and thus demands player cohesion, communication, and teamwork to win consistently. Parachute into fighting across 5 maps, using a variety of weapons, vehicles, and equipment, and take the fight to your enemy.

The ambitious Market Garden campaign, an effort to end the war by Christmas of 1944, led to some of the fiercest fighting of the war as British and American paratroops and armored support ran into the full strength of some of the toughest German divisions. Fight in and around Arnhem, and even battle for control of Pegasus Bridge, made famous in the classic war film A Bridge Too Far . If you love realism, history, and a team-focused shooter experience, Post Scriptum may be for you!

Post Scriptum Key Features

Massive Multiplayer Battles - Fight in 40 vs 40 battles which demand teamwork and planning to win. Parachute into action and get stuck in!

Choose Your Side - British & German factions, including the 1st Airborne Division, XXXth Corp, Waffen SS and the Wehrmacht. You can also unlock the American 82nd and 101st Airborne divisions by purchasing upgrades.

Authentic Maps - Explore 140 square kilometers of countryside spread across 5 different zones, rendered faithfully in 1:1 scale. Modify the battlefield by building barricades, bases, and more.

More Than 40 Vehicles - Climb into the driver's hatch of the mighty Tiger tank, speed about the battlefield in a nimble Jeep, or man an antitank gun and lie in wait!

Authentic Weapons - From simple rifles like the K98 and the Enfield, to fast-firing Stens and MP40s, to the lethal firepower of the vaunted german MG42, they're all here.

Unparalleled Realism - Famous landmarks have been faithfully reproduced. Vehicle armor thickness and turret speed is calculated. Even the uniforms are actual 3D scans of authentic uniforms.

Loads To Do - Call down airstrikes and artillery barrages, fortify defensive positions, and take player-driven objectives, all while driving the enemy back.