Pot Farm is a controversial free to play Facebook MMO similar to Farmville except with a heavy emphasis on growing and selling marijuana strains, while avoiding the police. Grow all your favorite strains, hang out with other growers and potheads, and simply have the most fun you can have without attracting the DEA. With more than one million likes to its name, Pot Farm is the number one underground farming game on Facebook. Don't get caught, however; make sure you've posted enough guards to warn you of impending trouble. Keep your production up, grow the best plants, and you just might earn the title of best Pot Farmer on Facebook!

Pot Farm Key Features

Grow All Your Favorite Crops - Grow all your favorites like Grandaddy Purple, Sour Diesel, and Alaska Thunderfudk! Or satisfy your muchies with Pizza Flowers, Jellybean Bushes, and Bacon Trees!

Watch Out For The Ranger - Ranger Dick is always looking to seize your farm if your protection drops below zero. So make sure you post Paranoid Bears, Bondage Ducks, or Rainbow-Barfing Leprechauns to be on the lookout!

Join A Rally And Play With Other Pot Farmers - Co-operate and compete with friends as you strive for the biggest and best Pot Farm!