Power Rangers: All Stars is a mobile action RPG where players meet Power Rangers from throughout history, create the ultimate Ranger team, and fight to save the world! The Red, Blue, and Yellow rangers are sent to Corinth, the last inhabited city on Earth, to investigate Venjix activity inside Professor Q's research laboratory. Upon arrival, they discover that Professor Q has opened a dimensional portal to help the remaining people of Corinth escape from the Venjix threat. Upon deeper investigation, however, it is discovered that the portal leads to a dimension full of dangerous monsters. Fight against the evil, engage in 5 vs 5 PvP battles, and more as you fight to save mankind.

Power Rangers: All Stars Key Features

Build A Team - From MMPR to Samurai, more than 50 different Rangers appear in the game, all eager to help in the fight against the Venjix. Create a tactical Ranger dream team and explore what lies beyond the portal.

Loads Of Action - All of the action you'd expect from a Power Rangers game is here! Fight against fearsome monsters and deadly aliens! Launch powerful combo attacks! You can even pilot one of the massive Megazords!

Play Together - Compete in 5 vs 5 PvP battles, and see who can be the best of the best. Team up to complete raids and fight the toughest foes. You can even form alliances, and band together with friends.