Prismata is a hybrid science fiction turn-based strategy game which blends elements of deckbuilding games and both table top and computer strategy games. Gameplay focuses on matches where players build an army of cybernetic warriors, then lead them into battle against their opponent. Compete against other humans or ruthlessly efficient AI and plan devastating attacks through a series of quick-fire turns. Will you outwit your opponents by striking at the perfect moment? Or will you fall victim to a devious trap? Whether playing through the extensive single player campaign or taking on players from around the world, fast paced and fun strategy action awaits. Outwit, outfight, and outmaneuver your enemy, and victory will be yours!

Prismata Key Features

Classic Strategy Mechanics - You must build your economy and manage your resources while constructing an army from more than 100 different types of units, all with the goal of defeating your enemy.

Campaign Mode - Play through an immersive 40 part single-player storyline and learn the ins and outs of Prismata. To further sharpen your skills, Prismata features special strategic puzzles and challenges!

Casual Or Competitive - Play casual matches against humans or one of 30 different AI opponents, or play in ranked matches against players of similar skill levels and climb the leaderboards.

Custom Matchmaking - Set up custom matches against bots or friends with fully editable unit pools, time controls, handicaps, AI difficulty, and more.

Events And Challenges - Test yourself in ultra-difficult challenge variant matches, intense blitz-brawl tournaments, and even in special weekly events with lucrative prizes.