Priston Tale is a 3D MMORPG with impressive high-quality graphics, fast paced RPG action gameplay, and in-depth Dungeon and PvP system. It revolves around the various races in the world of Priston which unite to retrieve the elusive Second Enigma. There are several races and 5 basic classes. From there on players can choose a sub-class which allows them to specialize into one area more effectively. The available main classes are Warrior, Hunter, Knight, Disciple and Magician. here are also player guilds for like-minded people to play together and participate in some of the higher endgame content which requires many players. Or you can participate in clan warfare and zone control.

Priston Tale Key Features

Choose Your Class - Choose your race, class, and sub class, and then seek out dungeons to test your skills and obtain new shinies!

Test Your Mettle - Clan Warfare, Zone control and more await. Test your skills against players from all around the world. Can you overcome all challengers and cement your legacy?

Realtime Action - The combat system is based on real-time action which means the character instantly performs the chosen skill, provided said ability is not on cooldown. Stringing multiple combos together using the chain combo system offers more powerful moves.

Crafting Galore - Once you have selected a craft guild, at level 10, you can start a profession. You start with basic recipes which require a list of materials. You can complete quests for these guilds to earn contribution points, which allow you to learn more recipes. You can choose between armor smith, weapon smith, shield smith, accessory crafter and alchemist.