Project Genom is a third-person sci-fi shooter MMO by a team of enthusiasts with the goal of creating an ideal MMO experience for all fans of the sci-fi setting around the world. In addition to the authors’ vision, the game is shaped by the feedback and ideas provided by players who are participating in the game's development.

Sci-fi mmorpg Project Genom lets you participate in the battle for the survival of humankind. Having destroyed their own planet, humans have found a new home and a seemingly happy life on Avalon. But people are not the only ones who liked the place. What attracted to this planet the mysterious almer? More evolved, more powerful, and united, they destroyed human forces wherever they clashed. It seemed there was no hope left, but the tides of time bring new heroes, and you have a chance to become one! Defend your race and stand up for what you believe in, feel the new power that humanity will come to possess with Project Genom.

Project Genom Key Features

One-of-a-Kind Shooter With Sophisticated Role System - Whether you are going to stand up for the humanity’s right to live with powerful mental abilities and diverse firearms, or prefer to slam into the enemy’s ranks for close combat; whether you want to excel in trade or seek adventures; whether you intend to fight solo or gather a team – it all is completely up to you! Dozens of unique skills, three paths of leveling, broad weapon range, diverse armor, no-target combat system and much more awaits you in the world of Genom.

Live Game Universe - Improve your crafting skills and get a chance to create unique items. Excel in obtaining ingredients and sell them at the highest price. Unveil the mysteries of the planet exploring the vast open world with multiple locations but stay away from nests and their aggressive inhabitants. Remember, your every discovery can not only give new knowledge to humanity but also trigger a disaster.

Interactive Storyline - The fate of your character wholly depends on the decisions you make. There is no one “correct” way to play this game. Each mission can be approached differently, and your choice will not only affect the skills you obtain, but also the fate of the world.

Global Events - Every action in the game entails consequences. Maybe you will spark a mutant invasion with a careless shot, or create a cure for a lethal virus by eating an unknown plant, or help fix the ark immortalizing your name. Global events require people to stand united, for only then you can successfully protect the colony.

Vehicles - Explore Avalon more effectively. They will guarantee your freedom and independence. You don’t have to protect them or take them back to the garage all the time. A personal vehicle is your constant and helpful ally in your travels. It doesn’t require much attention and turns out to be of great use.