Project Visitor is a free to play hybrid sci-fi MMO which mixes elements of first person shooter (FPS) and real-time strategy (RTS) games. In Project Visitor you build the world around you, you attack others and the lands they have built and the whole world is saved to the database. Whether you are online or not, the world progresses and evolves. Battles will be won and lost whether you're on- or offline. To secure what you have built, you'll need to be involved in the game and in defense of what is yours. Choose your faction, equip weapons and gear, and set out to claim what is yours!

Project Visitor Key Features

Choose Your Corporation - There are four rival corporations fighting for control of Visitor, a wandering exoplanet which has entered the solar system. Each corporation has different sites to work from and commodities to trade, and members of a corporation may freely attack members of the other three.

Stake Your Claim - You build new structures, weapons, upgrades, and more with resources gathered by your camps. You may then customize your armor, weapons, rovers, and buildings with modifications. You can even craft modifications to for yourself such as speed boosts, enhanced head-up displays, and more.

Attack And Defend - You build camps on Visitor to secure power for yourself and your corporation, and you may also attack other players' camps. Beware; all of your camps except your main camp are open to attack even when you're offline. Choose friends wisely!

Politics And Economics - Not every victory in Project Visitor involves guns. You can use the resources your camps extract, or you can sell and trade on the market for money, other items, and more. Players can also play politics, forming military alliances and agreements, negotiating favorable trade deals, and even forming player alliances known as MDNs.