Proxima Royale is a competitive science fiction themed Battle Royale type shooter with all the fast paced combat, vehicles, and gear Battle Royale fans crave. You are a robot explorer, sent to explore the faraway planet Proxima b, and you are not alone. Eliminate your enemies - the other robots - to be the last robot standing. Powered by the proven Unreal 4 Engine and using a first-person only perspective, Proxima Royale is one of the most immersive shooters of all time. You are one of up to 60 players whose robots land on the planet and must then collect supplies and weapons, and battle to be the last robot standing. Can you do it?

Proxima Royale Key Features

Hit The Planet - Up to 60 players land on a 5 km x 5 km battlefield at the same time, and they must rush to collect weapons, take strategic positions, and fight to survive. Like all good battle royale shooters, the arena is ever shrinking, so be quick or be dead.

Simple Controls - The first person perspective is made simpler by easy to use controls and familiar battle royale mechanics. Switch weapons, take control of vehicles, and destroy your enemies.

Beautiful World - The world is breathtakingly rendered through the power and stability of the Unreal 4 engine. The environment is useful as well as beautiful, however! You have rocks to use as cover, trees and brush to sneak through, and much more.