Psypher is a trading card game from Reactor Entertainment based in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world where war wages between two factions and which combines the strategy and gameplay from a card game with the excitement of an RPG. In Psypher, players choose from one of six classes and pick a faction - the organic Naturals or the cybornetic Evolved - and set off to fight for glory, for fortune, and for the advancement of their faction's ends. Psypher enables players to really interact with opponents as well as form clans with other players, embark on raids, and create custom avatars - just like they might in an MMORPG. However, Psypher also demands management of resources, forward thinking, and sound strategy, just like any TCG! Do you have what it takes?

Psypher Key Features

Six Selectable Classes - In Psypher, you choose from one of six different classes; Assassin, Biotek, Bomber, Engineer, Ghost and Psionist. Each class has its own strengths, particularities, and strategies. A deck is constructed around the class, playing to the particular strengths and quirks of the character

Leaders Lead The Way - A unique aspect of gameplay in Psypher is the presence of a Leader on the game field; a player's Leader is always on the field, and they will gain experience and power as the game progresses. In addition, your leader has special powers that can be activated to impact the flow of game and the other units in play, and you may give your leader special equipment cards to enhance their attributes and protect them from harm

Lots Of Game Modes - In a TCG, of course, the focus is always on duels between players, which Psypher of course offers; players can compete in many types of matches, including a 3 on 1 match type called Invader! However, you can also play in Puzzle Mode, where the game presents you with a problem with a unique solution; you must figure out what the solution is! Doing so will sharpen your skills, and help you develop new strategies to use in play.