PUBG: New State is a standalone PUBG title created exclusively for mobile by Krafton. Designed as a ‘next generation’ mobile game, the battle royale boasts Unreal 4-powered graphics and a control scheme optimised specifically for mobile.

Set in the not-so-distant year of 2051, New State features a bevy of futuristic features including drones, neon sights, ballistic shields and architecture ripped straight from sci-fi. Weapon customisation, unique game modes and all-new 8x8 maps each work to keep New State distinct from its predecessor, while offering fresh-but-familiar gameplay.

PUBG: New State Key Features

Next-Gen Graphics - The self-proclaimed definitive mobile title for next-gen graphics and realism. New State utlises illumination technology to push the boundaries of mobile gaming visuals, whilst Vulkan(API) facilitates improved performance and stable service.

100-Player Battles - Partake in huge battles with 99 other players from a mobile screen. Upon landing on an 8x8 map, players must survive for as long as possible while fending off the competition. Alternatively, the Team Deathmatch pits four against four, with the first team to rack up 40 kills or earn the most kills in ten minutes clinching victory.

Customisation - Most weapons can be upgraded and customised. Customisation kits can be looted in the field or via the Drone Store. By collecting Drone Credits across the map, players can call in delivery drones to their location. But be wary - drones can be destroyed and intercepted.

Resurrect and Recruit - Bring teammates from the brink with the Green Flare Gun and continue the fight. Alternatively, any downed enemy can be recruited to join the cause should they accept the invitation.

Improved Transportation - Vehicles vary in their practicality, speed and design. Vehicle doors can be opened and used as cover. Though if subjected to sustained damage will fall off their hinges, exposing the flanks. Trams will also provide bulletproof methods of transportation across the map along designated routes.