Puzzle & Dragons is an extremely popular and super addictive free to play fantasy collecting and Role-Playing game with over 30 million players! Puzzle & Dragons combines the key elements of a match 3 puzzle game, a dungeon-crawling RPG, and monster collecting adventure! Players will command a team of monsters as they explore countless dungeons, collect treasure and battle a variety of powerful foes along the way. Slide colorful orbs across the screen until 3 or more are adjacent to attack foes. Strategize team building and make full use of the opponents’ elemental weaknesses to deal massive amounts of damage. If players manage to survive through the epic boss fights, the spoils of victory await!

Puzzle & Dragons Key Features

Puzzles Unleashed - Puzzle & Dragons is unique among its kind: a Match-3 game without the limitations of single movements. By freeing users from this restraint, they’re free to explore the depth and excitement of puzzle games in a whole new way!

Collect Them All - Casual Puzzle game meets Core Strategy meets Classic RPG. There are over 1000 unique Monsters in game for you to collect, power up, and form teams around. Each team serves a different purpose, and uses a different playstyle.

Overcome Challenges - As you advance in the game, so will the challenges! The Dungeons are unique and adaptive–enemies will do everything in their power to prevent your victory! There are hundreds of Dungeons for you to explore and conquer!

Ever-Expanding World - New things are constantly being added to the world. Powerful Evolutions, collaboration Monsters from other worlds, and new Dungeons continue to envigorate and surprise the members of the Puzzle & Dragons community!