Quantum Legacy, also known as Quantum Legacy: Price of Justice, is a cross-platform, modification capable, sci-fi strategy game. Those who choose to enter its world will fight for control of Saltus, one planet split between three time periods. The game features Death-match and Co-op game muiltiplayer modes for up to 8 human players. The title also includes an immersive single-player story experience, spanning over 150 years of Saltus history. The main character in the saga is your commading officer Col. Seth Blair. All major events in the history of the planet revolve around him in some way. You will witness his tragic life and understand your purpose in the history of this world; a history that you will create, destroy, and re-write time and time again.

Quantum Legacy Key Features

Single Player Campaign - The single player mode is designed to give new users a better understanding of the game, as well as to tell the complex story behind the game's universe. The player takes on the role of the field commander, whose actions and decisions shape both the future and the past of the second planet in the Saltus solar system.

Multiplayer Experience - Players are able to challenge other human opponents via the Internet, in various multiplayer modes. These include, but are not limited to, Death-match, Team Death-match, and Co-op vs. AI units. Up to 8 opponents can choose to battle for control of 1-2 sectors on the surface of the planet!

Addons And Mods - Aside from the "official campaigns" and "addons" which will be released on regular basis, each registered user will be able to create their own game modifications. A custom scripting language and in-game level editor will allow anyone to create their own maps and scenarios.