QubeTown is a casual free to play mobile strategy game where players build and manage their own towns and protect their residents from nasty trolls! QubeTown needs a powerful lord or lady to manage the affairs of the people and lead them to prosperity! Create your dream town and look after a population of cute and cubic residents and animals. Produce crops and construct buildings, manage resources and trade, and protect your citizens from marauding trolls. Explore a secret mine and a hidden forest to discover secrets and items. If you like city management cames with a more casual and laid back theme, give QubeTown a look.

QubeTown Key Features

Build Your Town - Build your dream town, placing structures and harvesting resources however you wish. Will you build with the intention of maximizing efficiency, or with an eye toward aesthetics?

Produce And Trade - Harvest resources, produce crops, and engage in trade to keep your city prosperous and your citizens happy. Earn loads of gold and develop a prosperous economy!

Explore And Travel - You and your brave citizens are freely able to explore the world and discover hidden secrets and exciting adventures. There are treasures to be won and stories to be told.

Protect What Is Yours - Evil trolls will do their best to destroy your city and terrorize your people. Build defensive works and repel their relentless attacks, and keep your citizens safe.

Play Together - Invite new friends to play alongside you or partake in cute mini-games with other players. The game is more fun when you play together.