Rabbids Heroes is a free to play mobile collectible card game of insane rabbits engaged in fast paced, strategic duels! Choose your playstyle, equip your rabbits with weapons and equipment, select the stances you will use in combat, and leap into battle! In the insane fantasy world of the Rabbids, the Rabbids fight to return to their homeworld; the Moon. With touch based controls optimized for mobile play, insane gameplay and graphics, and the strategic depth and versatility of a CCG, Rabbids Heroes is a game you will jump at the chance to play again and again. Can you win it all and help your Rabbid get back to the Moon?

Rabbids Heroes Key Features

Choose Your Rabbid - Select from Knight, Wizard, Hunter, Scientist, and Ninkja, and fight for the ultimate prize - the Moon!

Build Your Deck - Choose from over 200 whacky cards and build your deck to enhance and customize your Rabbid. What strategy will you pick?

Leap Into Action - Step into the arena for insane Rabbid vs Rabbid action against friends old and new! Fight to win glory and a trip home.

Solo Practice Mode - Play against an AI to test your deck and develop strategies, combos, and more

Anytime Rabbid Fun - Mobile play means you can play anytime, anywhere!