RacingLife is a free-to-play browser-based racing MMO which places you in the management seat of a professional race team. Every facet of running a successful racing team falls to you. You must decide what the driver needs to work on, and what skills they've mastered, for a given race. You must decide what to drive, and how to modify it. You must manage facilities, staff, schedules, and more. Are you ready to step into the high stakes world of professional racing? If you think you've got what it takes, look no further!

RacingLife Key Features

Strengthen Your Skills - Each Race series requires the driver to develop different skills to enable them to get the most from the car. Train in the right skills to be successful in every step of your racing career.

Test And Tune - Don’t let your driving skills be hampered by a slow car. Buy or develop new car parts, upgrade and keep them at the highest performance level and beat your opponents.

Monitor Your Performance - Monitor how you perform on race animations. You can analyze every lap frame by frame and compare different setups. Find places where you are slower and tune your car setup.

Manage The Team - Become a team manager and find the most talented drivers among other players in RacingLife. Manage your staff, team budgets and facilities and lead your team to first place in the championships.