Radical Heights is a free to play extreme action battle royale shooter, where players compete for weapons, gadgets, cosmetic unlocks, and cold hard cash. Radical Heights is the latest new game show craze which offers everyone the chance to become rich and famous, and all they need to do is not die. Welcome to sunny California - in a dome, at least - and prepare to drive, bike, skate, or just walk your way to the top. Store your cash away in your personal prize room, or withdraw it from an ATM to buy guns and gear at the start of your next match. Build up a stash of cash and take down the competition in this insane 80s themed brawl for it all!

Radical Heights Key Features

Brawl For It All - Like any good battle royale shooter, there can be only one victor in Radical Heights! Get ready for pulse pounding shooter gameplay, punctuated by fun game show moments!

Cash Is King - It's all about cold hard cash. The more you win, the more you earn, and the more you earn, the more you can spend on weapons and gadgets at the start of your next match!

Get The Look - Cosmetic unlocks will help you customize your character and please the crowd. The best look is important if you want to please the crowd, or simply win in style.