Rage of Titans is a free to play turn-based strategy role-playing game with a story based on Greek mythology. As a Hero of Humanity, you will team up with other Gods to stand against the Titans, to protect world peace and bring happiness to all of mankind all in this browser-based strategy game. The story is based on Greek Mythology, where the Gods live on mount Olympus and heroes roam the land, seeking adventure. A crucial battle is about to take place between Zeus and the Titans. You must lead the charge agaisnt the Titans, if mankind is to have any chance of survival. Join in the battle now, and save the world!

Rage Of Titans Key Features

Turn-Based Gameplay - Even novices to the strategy genre can play on an even field. Turn-based play gives you time to carefully consider options and plan moves, great for more casual players.

Browser Convenience - No Downloads. No accounts. No payments. Play Anywhere. Browser-based games allow you to enjoy yourself anytime, anywhere, from any computer's browser!

Engaging Story - Enter a world of Gods and heroes, of Titans and epic brawls that decide humanity's fate. Step into the shoes of one of the Greek gods, and throw the Titans to their fate!