Ragewar is a free to play, cross-platform strategy game with a steampunk/fantasy theme which leads players on a quest throughout the ages! Travel throughout time on your quest to find all the missing pieces of a broken time machine, made by the greatest scientist alive. Conquer cities, slay barbarians and other players in your quest through the ages. Join forces with other players as you travel and explore. Help each other via trade or armies on your way to conquer the world. Explore new technologies. Experience different periods of history. Wage wars on enemies, and steal their loot. Ragewar is not just about what you choose to do, but when!

Ragewar Key Features

Epic Cross-Time Adventure - Find and rebuild the broken Time Machine of the mad scientist Deonardo!

Take To The Skies - Travel on a Dirigible through islands and conquer all ancient cultures!

Take Everything - Battle with players worldwide and steal their resources and goods!

Forge Powerful Alliances - Team up with other players and make mighty Kingdoms!

Fantasy Steampunk Strategy - Make a unique army with tiger riders, flying men, gyrocopters and other magnificent units!

Fantastic Discoveries Await - Discover and build the unique Wonders, such as the Mother Goddess and the Space Gate!