Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is a mobile port of legendary fantasy fan-favourite Ragnarok Online. Though its creators state that Ragnarok M is no clone of its predecessor, this portable rendition still holds the same charm and charisma that has beguiled so many players for so many years. With Ragnarok Online standing as one of the oldest MMORPGs on the market, Ragnarok M is a picturesque trip down memory lane, with a more modern sheen.

Set in the magical world of Midgard, players are dropped into a sprawling open world to explore, fight and mingle. Or just engage in a spot of fishing. Myriad nonlinear adventures await as you explore the continent of Midgard and beyond. Large updates regularly introduce even more content in the form of new lands and more fantastical NPCs. It’s a big world on a little screen. And with an extra special emphasis on social elements, Ragnarok M appeals particularly to the casual gamer.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Key Features

Cel-Shaded Anime Artstyle - A 3D rendition of the classic anime artstyle that defines Ragnarok Online. A charming slew of cel-shaded characters inhabit Midgard and the pixie-populated Eclage. Colour and charm pervade every corner, urging you to uncover as much as possible on your adventures so you can witness its beauty. Be sure to chat to every NPC on your travels as rewards aplenty await those who look for honest work.

Play More, Grind Less - With opportunities to grind offline, you can farm for loot and EXP while you’re AFK. Plus, give yourself a leg-up with a boost to level 120 in just 30 minutes by visiting the Cryptura Academy. Specifically designed to help new players along, there’s no reason you can’t keep up with the franchise veterans.

Over 15 Celestial Classes - Job Classes extend to four levels in Ragnarok M. With the addition of the Ninja Job Class, there are now 16 to choose from. Whether you wish to tank it out as a Divine Avenger from the Crusader Job Class, or deal damage from afar by turning your Ranger into a Stellar Hunter, there is an insurmountable level of choice when it comes to complementing your preferred playstyle. Best of all: players are free to change class when they wish.