Ragnarok Online Prime is a reimagining of the fan-favourite Ragnarok Online for EU-based players. This cutesy, mythology-tinged anime MMORPG offers all that makes Ragnarok Online so famous. But this free-to-play revamp brings an exciting variety of new offerings.

Ragnarok Online is a lore-rich episodic MMO that has stood the test of time since its release in 2002. And this latest iteration reinvigorates the beloved formula with touch-ups and version-exclusive additions.

Midgard’s inhabitants can expect updated mechanics, new class skills, and an improved interface. And, like its predecessor, Ragnarok Online Prime will be subject to regular updates.

Ragnarok Online Prime Key Features

Rebalanced Skills - Skills are among the most significantly changed aspects of this latest Ragnarok rendition. Improvements and rebalances have brought about new builds for familiar classes. And, with them, new tactics to wield.

A New Race - The feline Doram race commands the forces of nature. These mages hail from the town of Lasagna and can take on the abilities of plants and animals, and appeal to nature’s spirits to help bolster their arcane abilities.

New Interface & Mechanics - Tabs have been introduced to the interface, providing a wide array of new options. A login reward system will also dish out daily attendance rewards automatically upon logging in. Plus, a new achievement system also provides that supreme feeling of accomplishment that comes with reaching new milestones.

Pet System - Tame wild beasts and earn their loyalty. Once a pet has been claimed, they can be named, fed, and kitted out as players see fit. Improve a pet’s intimacy level until they reach full loyalty, and reap the rewards with powerful buffs that change depending on the species.

New Locations - A brand new location in the form of the Nameless Island is just one of the version-exclusive locales in Ragnarok Online Prime. And the cursed Abbey Dungeon is set to test the mettle of the most fearless adventurers.