Raid: Shadow Legends is a PC & mobile RPG set in a fantasy world. Developed by Plarium Global, players can access it on their mobile devices or by downloading the Plarium Play Client.

The realm of Teleria is besieged by the Dark Lord Siroth. Will you answer the call of its immortal guardian, the Arbiter, and gather your forces to stop him? In order to defeat this menace, you will need to gather heroes from the forces of light and darkness! Develop your own unique strategy to slay gigantic bosses and crush enemies in the PvP arena.

Strategic Choices

With more than 300 unique champions from 16 different factions, the strategic options are nearly limitless. Furthermore, players can equip their heroes with powerful items and artifacts to unleash devastating attacks upon their enemies. Will you focus on single-target damage, powerful area-of-attack spells, or keeping your team healthy? Making the right choices for each individual battle is key.

Like the RPGs of old, Raid: Shadow Legends allows full customization over each of its champions’ attributes and focus on certain strengths. Whatever challenge calls, you can answer.

Diverse Game Modes

In the mood for PvP, PvE, or Co-op? Raid: Shadow Legends has all of that in more. Face your opponents in the arena and prove who really is the strongest of them all. Want to cooperate instead? Join millions of other players and partake in cooperate challenges for epic loot. If you just want to go solo, there are 12 diverse locations with a fully-voiced campaign.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get raiding!