Raiders of the Broken Planet is an asymmetric shooter where a four person team can fight through both PvP and PvE modes using tactics and teamwork. Get ready for a game featuring a cast of strange and outlandish characters, cover based shooting, and close quarters brawling. Play through single player and four person cooperative campaign modes with multiple missions and objectives, and experience both sides of the story. Get into the arena and fight in four player teams against a single powerful player-controlled antagonist. Or, step into the shoes of the antagonist yourself, enjoy AI assisted access to any character's skills in the game, and mow down your enemies. Whatever you enjoy, the future of the Broken Planet hangs in the balance.

Raiders Of The Broken Planet Key Features

Coop Or Solo Campaign - Play through the story mode alone as the Antagonist, or with up to three other players cooperatively as the Space Raiders. Along the way you'll sharpen your skills, complete missions, and have a load of fun!

Work As A Team - Working together to overcome objectives is critical in Raiders of the Broken Planet. Use positioning, tactical movement, and coordination to defeat enemies and achieve objectives. This is even more crucial in PvP, where you and your team fight against an enemy far more powerful than you!

Become The Antagonist - See things from the other side of the story and step into the shoes of a space demon. The single player campaign allows you to experience the tale from the invader's perspective, and fight off teams of players!