Rail Nation is a free browser-based online strategy game which lets you step into the role of a railroad manager. In Rail Nation, all interested strategy gamers and railway fans are given the chance to start up their own railway company, manage transports on a daily basis and to team up with associations in order to finally become the victorious single player or group of players.

Cities can only grow if they are adequately supplied with the goods it demands. Since being on the move constantly is key in the railway business, a dynamic territory map including 3D train models is at the centre of the game. It is crucial for every digital railway tycoon to increase their own personal prestige and wealth and also that of their association in direct competition with rival associations. The calculation of train routes and goods prices occur in real time. Efficient schedules for the transport of a total of 48 different goods have to planned and maintained. Growing profits will allow players to develop their train fleet consisting of 36 different steam, diesel and electric engines and 48 different kinds of wagons.

Rail Nation Key Features

Deliver The Goods - Over the course of the game, goods can be transported to an ever-growing number of cities and players can enter transport competitions and let their trains race against those of others. Exclusive licences allow for additional revenue. Targeted deliveries to cities can also have a lasting effect on their development.

Grand Central - In the station area, you have to invest in infrastructure. Never neglect the infrastructure of your own train station; nice stations attract more passengers and run more efficiently.

Form Partnerships - Through the option to form associations, Rail Nation emphasizes cooperation between friends, fellow players and possibly even rivals. Together, for example, important workers can be signed on in the game. In total, thousands of different players are competing with and against each other on the server.

Slow And Easy Gameplay - With its easy-to-use controls and a comprehensive tutorial, Rail Nation allows for an smooth entry into the game, without compromising on advanced options for strategists. A game round is scheduled to last between 3 - 4 months. It consists of six consecutive railway eras followed by an endgame, in which all players compete with their grown railway companies against each other in the ultimate battle.

Cutting Edge Transport - Researching new engines and upgrades is crucial to success in the game. Rail Nation can be played for free in all common browsers. For just a couple of Dollars a month, premium users will be able to benefit from a number of different amenities, allowing them to make their engines even more efficient.