Rakard Kingdoms is an award winning strategy game that takes you into a world full of challenges and dangers. Control an empire and defend it against thousands of real players. As a leader you must use whatever means necessary to do what is right for your empire and your people and stay in power. Consistent tracking of challenging game concepts and focus on the classical virtues of browser games are a key focal point of the development of Rakard Kingdoms. It was the aim - and this has been achieved - to create an outstanding online game, which is clear to strategists and core gamers.

Rakard Kingdoms Key Features

Humble Beginnings To Glorious Ends - Build villages that you expand to castles and fortresses. Can you lead your people from the humblest of starts to the pinnacle of prosperity?

Play Together - Get together with other players, organize into clans and engage in mass battles. Rakard Kingdoms is an MMO, and that means social play. Will you forge strong alliances, or engage all who oppose you alone?

The March Of Technology - Development and research are the foundation of your expansion and your dominance. If you want to stay at the head of the pack, you'll need the most advanced state!