RAM Pressure is a story driven science fiction MMO game combining the turn-based style combat of X-COM with an immersive game world. Tactical multiplayer gameplay is the core component of RAM Pressure, though there is also a good amount of single player gameplay available. If you enjoy turn-based tactical combat games, you will probably love RAM Pressure.

In the not so distant future, Earth is struck by an unusual meteor swarm consisting of the remnants of an alien fleet decimated in a distant battle. The governments of the world, eager to prevent the populace from panicking, hides the truth and sends teams of special mercenary operatives to the various crash sites to secure any technology. You are the leader of one of these mercenary units, and slowly but surely, you begin to learn that there is more to all of this than the government admits to even you...

RAM Pressure Key Features

Build Your Team - You can create a hand-picked team of elite operatives by choosing from 12 different classes and more than 150 different skills! Then, gear them up with more than 100 different types of weapons and items.

Challenging Tactical Combat - Play solo or alongside other players through challenging turn-based day and night missions which require tactical thinking and planning. Maps are proceedurally generated, so you never play the same mission twice.

Immersive Story - What begins as a bid for alien technology becomes something much deeper. Make contact with surviving aliens, discover what happened to them, and unravel government coverups.