RAMS is a Battle Royale style shooter with typical Battle Royale mechanics combined with survival elements, character progression, and much more. In RAMS, you are more than just another avatar with a fancy gun. You are free to explore the game's depth, to train and expand your character, and to get the most out of every in-game minute. RAMS provides a game with a sharp focus on making every moment in game rewarding, not just the moment when you get in a gunfight with another player. If you like shooters with character development, particularly combined with the Battle Royale model, give RAMS a try.

RAMS Key Features

Large Open Arena - The battlefield covers an area of 5km x 5km, and is limited to 30 people at a time. You have lots of area to seek out other players - or to evade them, should you choose.

Progression System - Your character gains skills and upgrades as you play, improving with every match. You can train your skills, buy equipment with your in-game winnings, and head into a match well prepared!

Your Own Hideout - Every player has a secure bunker of their own within the open world. You can hang out here anytime, reequipping between matches and resting up in complete safety.