RAN Online is a 3D anime-themed Free to Play MMORPG set in a unique Japanese / fantasy world and institution environment with magic, mysticism, martial arts, and more. In the world of RAN Online, a terrible solar eclipse plunged the world into darkness, and a storm of meteors bombarded the surface below. Judgement Day had come. Years later, when mankind emerged from the chaos, four unique institutions emerged that would control the world. Sacred Gate, Mystic Peak, Phoenix, and Leonair only accept the worthiest people, those strong enough to seek out answers, no matter the costs. You step into the shoes of a student at one of those institutes; it falls to you to discover the truth. To save mankind.

RAN Online Key Features

Nine Distinct Classes - Choose from Brawler, Archer, Swordsman, Shaman, Extreme, Scientist, Assassin, Magician, and Shaper! Each one has unique skills and strengths.

Get The Look - Players can get outfits ranging from wedding dresses to outfits made famous in the movies. Pick your style - whatever it might be - and set off for adventure. Hairstyles, fingernail art, and more allows even more customization!

Pets Are The Best - Travel with loyal animal companions who will give you boosts, automatically use potions on you, collect loot, and more!

Real MMORPG - From exploring to dungeons to ranked PvP Tournaments, RAN Online delivers a complete MMORPG experience. The game is approaching 15 years of constant operation; come see why!