Raze: Dungeon Arena is a free to play mobile hack and slash action dungeon crawler set in a dark, apocalyptic world filled with baddies, bosses, and loads of unique gear and loot. Raziel places you in the middle of dungeons in a fast-paced hack-n-slash style action RPG outfitted with diverse multiplayer and guild gameplay modes. Raze: Dungeon Arena has over 60 single player dungeons filled with baddies and boss battles. For those looking to make things a bit more personal, Raze offers 1v1, 2v2, guild battles, and co-op modes. Choose your warrior and grab your weapons, and get ready for a hardcore action/fantasy hack n slash experience, all on your favorite mobile device!

Raze: Dungeon Arena Key Features

Choose Your Warrior - Take your pick of more than twenty rough and ready warriors and get into the thick of things. Play as a Frost Priestess, a Beast Hunter, and many more characters!

Collect Heroes - As you adventure and quest, you will meet other characters and heroes. Recruit them to your cause, and open up a vast array of new options.

Solo Or Multiplayer - You can play alone, exploring dungeons and fighting monsters, or you can jump into co-op or PvP modes and play with - or against - others! 1v1, 2v2, guild battles, and more await.

Dark And Deadly Dungeons - Delve into more than sixty different dungeons full of dangers, loot, and powerful bosses. The more challenges you overcome, the more powerful the rewards.

Hack And Slash 3D Combat - The battles are intense, and the action moves around you as you fight. Every cut, thrust, and spell needs to be aimed and executed correctly.