Realm Royale, formerly known as Paladins: Realm Royale, is the first ever 100 player fantasy Battle Royale shooter / PvP combat game where you choose a class, enter the arena, and fight be the last one standing! Choose your class and seek out powerful weapons and items, and use them to fight your way to victory. Will you choose to deal death from afar as a Hunter, or to get up close and personal as an Assassin? All the while, a deadly fog rolls in, pushing the combatants into closer and closer quarters, ensuring that there can be only one winner. If you're a fan of both Battle Royale shooters and fantasy combat games, Realm Royale may be for you!

Realm Royale Key Features

Choose Your Class - Pick from the Engineer, Hunter, Mage, Assassin, and Warrior, and get into the fight! Along the way you will find powerups and weapons to enhance your character's skills.

**Forge Legendary Weapons -**From shotguns and sniper rifles to ice staffs, swords, and crossbows, a wide array of weapons awaits, but if you want to win, you’ll need to craft Legendary Weapons at Forges scattered across the Realm. But be careful: While you’re crafting, your enemies may attack!

Mount Up And Ride - The realm is vast, and the poisonous fog is ever encroaching. Luckily, you can simply summon your trusty mount at anytime and ride on!

Designed For Teams - Realm Royale is designed with four player teams in mind. Support one another with a mixed bag of skills, watch each other's backs, and fight as a team to victory.