Rebel Horizons is a science fiction sandbox MMORPG with a fully persistent interplanetary world. Rebel Horizons takes full advantage of the powerful SpatialOS, which is a a distributed operating system enabling the creation of huge simulations inhabited by millions of complex entities. Rebel Horizons allows players to explore many different worlds and interact with the millions of denizens within, and like all good sandbox MMOs, allows the player to choose their character's path and methods. With a persistent universe and fully player run and developed economy, running on one vast, interconnected server cluster, everyone's actions will impact the entire universe. Will you follow a path of profit, a path of peace... or a path of destruction?

NOTE: Development on Rebel Horizons may have been abandoned. As of June 2018, their website is up, but no new updates have been posted in a year.

Rebel Horizons Key Features

Sandbox Universe - Travel your own path; will you be a trader, and make your fortune on the player-controlled market? Or will you be an explorer, and explore the vastness of alien worlds? Construct and defend a camp, become a pirate, explore the unknown... it's all in your hands.

Powerful Engine - The SpatialOS system can process and model millions of entities, giving Rebel Horizons and unprecedent level of immersive detail. If you leave an item behind on a planet, you can return weeks later and retrieve it; if no one else finds it first!

Explore New Worlds - Set off to explore new worlds and extract rare resources by traveling through stargates. However, you must remember how to program the stargate if you wish to return to the same planet again!