Record Of Lodoss War Online, also known as Record of Lodoss War, is a free to play fantasy MMORPG based on the popular Record of Lodoss War series of fantasy novels. Enter the isolated island world of Lodoss, a land long beset by war and rumored to be cursed. Two powers fight for control of the land; one who wants to protect Lodoss, and one who wishes to control it. The conflict between these two powers leads to the War of Heroes, a classic conflict of good vs evil, and that's where you come in. Seven heroes set out to fight for the future of Lodoss, and you are one of them! You meet your companions in a small town far to the north, and thus your story begins.

Record Of Lodoss War Online Key Features

Live The Adventure - Explore this delightful land with engaging characters and gorgeous, anime-inspired graphics. Along the way you'll encounter plenty of action and adventure, danger and mystery!

Choose Your Role - Take your pick from five different character classes, each with unique strengths and skills. Be a knight's apprentice as an Esquire, a young Oracle, a Magic User from the sage academy, a Rogue from a faraway land, or a young elven elemental Shaman.

Advance And Change - Every class can eventually progress down one of two advanced profession paths. For example, the Shaman can eventually become a powerful Elementalist or a wily Ranger! What path will you take?