Red Stone is an online 2.5D transformation fantasy MMORPG with a game system that focuses on dynamic, lively, and fun battles. The world, immersive combat, and fun stories all allow players to immerse themselves into the game, The story is set in the fantastic world of Prandel. The players must set off on an adventurous quest to search for a mystical red stone that fell from the ancient Celestial World. During their journeys, players are able to experience the story, as well as learn about the transformations their characters can undergo. For example, a wizard, weak in hand to hand combat, might suddenly be able to become a powerful werewolf! Come see for yourself what has kept Red Stone running since 2003!

Red Stone Key Features

Vast World - Explore a wonderful land full of quests and danger, forgotten places and mysterious treasures. The more you see of the world, the more you will learn!

Transform - Your character will eventually learn to change into something else. Become a powerful werewolf, and leave your enemies in bits!

Upgrade Skills - As your character advances, you can upgrade your skills to enhance your ability in combat.

Lively Combat - Engage in fun, dynamic combat! Red Stone strives to make combat an enjoyable game experience, and not just a grind.

Charge Points - The system also incorporated a unique CP (Charge Point) feature which players may strategically utilize to increase the fun in their game play.