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ReEvolve is a free to play mobile sandbox MMORPG with stunning graphics and interactive gameplay that puts the future in your hands! Wars, famines, and disasters have brought humanity to the edge of extinction, and only the power of time travel stands between mankind and oblivion. To save the world, you must use futuristic time travel technology to tunnel through spacetime to far off places and times, changing events and locations to shape the future. What you do, however, is ultimately up to you. You can choose to join up with the Shepherd organization, and work toward a better tomorrow. Or you can follow Cthulhu as a member of the Piper, and work to usher in the end of days? The future of the world is in your hands!

ReEvolve Key Features

Shape The Future – Travel through time and space, altering events to direct the future. Whether you want to save or destroy the world, your primary tool will be your M.P.D., a gun which can absorb nearly anything.

Experience The World – Day changes to night. Different ecosystems offer different challenges. Animals migrate, eat, and follow patterns of behavior. You can even build structures and alter the world around you!

PvE And PvP – ReEvolve offers both a PvE mode-in which players battle against wild monsters and PvP modes for both Team-based and Solo player vs. player fun.


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