Refight: Burning Engine is a tank-based Battle Royale style shooter where 50 tanks battle to be the last tank standing - err, rolling - on a deserted island. You start out in a very basic vehicle, and if you wish to survive the battle, you must seek out armor and defensive upgrades, spare ammunition, more powerful weaponry, and much more. Then, you must fight for your life against other players as well as stay ahead of an ever encroaching cloud of radiation and fallout! This cloud of nuclear death pushes the remaining combatants into ever smaller safe zones, ensuring the battle continues until one tank reigns supreme over all. If you like tank games or Battle Royale shooters, and especially if you like them both, give Refight: Burning Engine a look.

Refight: Burning Engine

Battle Royale Shooter - Survival in these type of shooters is all about balancing risk with reward. Yes, you can fight against everyone you meet, but sometimes it's better to let the competition kill each other whenever possible.

Start Your Engines - You must drive across a large arena, collecting upgrades and ammunition for your tank as you go. Your tank is your only friend in this place; take good care of it, and make every shot count!

Cloud Of Death - While the players scramble for gear and fight one another, a cloud of nuclear radiation and deadly fallout slowly drifts towards you from all sides. If the enemy doesn't get you, the radiation will - sooner or later, you'll have to fight!