Reign of Kings is a buy to play survival sandbox, set in a harsh, unforgiving medieval / fantasy world; in order to survive, players must hunt, acquire resources with which to build and craft, and defend themselves from all manner of harmful and hostile things, from wild animals to other players! In addition to competing with others over land and scarce, precious resources, players in Reign of Kings can also fight to claim the Ancient Throne, and rule over the land! The world is gritty and visceral, replete with chaotic, lethal combat and unknown dangers; work together with others to build a wealthy kingdom, or to lay siege to a wealthy kingdom and carry off its spoils! With fast paced lethal combat mechanics, demanding gameplay, and an immense open world, Reign of Kings is a game for hardcore survival fans!

Reign Of Kings Game Features

Fearsome First Person Combat - Whether up close and personal in melee, or at a distance with a bow or crossbow, PvP in Reign of Kings is fast paced, lethal, bloody, and intense.

Master Life And Death - Players in Reign of Kings can take other players captive, and may decide their fate as they see fit; will you imprison them, sentence them to humiliation in the pillory, or execute them and be done with it?

Build Your World - Construct buildings, from simple cabins to immense castles! Defend them against would-be invaders, or lay siege to neighboring structures and armies!

Seize The Throne - In Reign of Kings, players and guilds fight for control of the Ancient Throne, with the guild who holds the throne gaining the ability to demand taxes from all the others who live in their lands!