Re:Spite is a free to play social MMORPG set in a 2D isometric world where players can quest, fight monsters, face other players in PvP, and much more. Players create a character and customize their avatar with near infinite options, with the objective of creating the exact in-game persona they desire. Gameplay is focused on cooperation and social experiences, but it isn't all about making nice; players can face off against one another in PvP battles if they desire. There is treasure to be discovered, adventure to be had, friends to be made, and much more in Re:Spite, so if you're a fan of isometric type games and social MMORPGs, give it a try.

Re:Spite Key Features

Create Your Character - Loads of customization options allow you to create the exact person you want to be in game. Then, find lots of good gear and weapons as you adventure and discover treasure chests and get your character all geared up.

Adventure And Get Rich - Explore the world of Re:Spite in search of monsters to face and treasures to win. You can sell unneeded gear to NPC shops, and earn yourself some quick coin in the process.

Social MMORPG - Much of the gameplay focuses on cooperative multiplayer elements as well as social interactions. The form those interactions take can be from casually chatting with friends, to facing off against other players in battle. It's up to you.