Returners is a free to play mobile team management game where you assemble a team of heroes from across time, and lead them into real-time 5 vs 5 battles! Take command of heroes from across time and folklore like Aladdin, Robin Hood, Alice, Cleopatra, and many more. Returners combines fan-favorite RPG elements with original management-style gameplay to create a realistic and exciting sense of adventure. In Returners, strategic decisions carry real-time consequences. The game creates a unique and gorgeous environment for players to explore, battle and compete in PvE and PvP matches, testing player skill, tactics and mettle. If you enjoy strategic team management, thrilling 5v5 battles, charming animated graphics and a competitive league system, Returners is for you!

Returners Key Features

Build A Team - Heroes from across legend and history await. Build an epic team of characters and heroes, from fantastic figures like Alice and Hercules to historical characters like Mozart and Cleopatra.

Empower Your Heroes - As your heroes fight, they can gain new abilities; be sure to help them grow! In addition, daily item rewards and plenty of loot offer loads of opportunities to strengthen your team.

Grow And Explore - The game's gorgeous graphics enhance both PvP and PvE play. Explore on your own, seeking new heroes and new adventures. Then, face off against other players from around the world, and test your team's skills!

Competition - Battle your way up the ranks, facing ever more skilled opponents along the way. At the top of the league structure is the Platinum League, where the best of the best battle it out for fame and prizes.