Revival is a truly immersive dark fantasy sandbox game which aims to completely redefine how people think of the MMORPG genre. Revival provides players with total immersion, complete feedback, live storytelling and a world that evolves with true cause and effect in response to player actions. Revival promises total player agency, meaning that any player can completely influence the direction of the world, become a superstar, and cause far-reaching ripples throughout the game universe. Every character has a life, a purpose, and an impact!

NOTE: Development of Revival has been suspended indefinitely.

Revival Key Features

Natural Skill Development - Your character develops skills as you use them, meaning that practice really does make perfect! Focus on the things you want to develop, and hone the skills of both your character and yourself.

Active Crafting - An immersive crafting system means that player skill actually matters when making an item! Crafting should be as enjoyable as any other part of the game, and Revival aims to make that a reality.

Player Politics - A thriving political system allows players to wield real political authority, shaping and directing world events. Will you be able to seize the reins of power?

Living World - The world is ever growing, ever changing; this dynamic environment promises constant surprises, even for seasoned adventurers

Player-Driven Economy - Trade, manipulate, and speculate your way to fortune and power; the market, like all other game features, is under the control of the players!