Richman Online is a colorful casual 2D board game styled MMO similar to Monopoly that sees players taking turns to roll dice to move around the board. You can buy land and build houses, then collect extravagant taxes from trespassing opponents. It's your turn to think up strategies, plant bombs and drain your opponents' bank account as well as their life to a big fat zero! You'll be in for some wacky fun in the insane world of Richman Online, but watch out for the NPCs or Event Spots ahead!

Bring back the joy and fun of board games once more, with a brand new twist!

Richman Online Game Features:

Characters: There are different unique characters in Richman, like the arrogant Madame Chyan, mysterious Jintaro, honest-to-goodness Uncle Tuu, sunshine babe Sun Hsiao Mei, adorable Baby King and the boorish Salonbus. There’s something for everyone!

Mortgage: The heart and soul to be successful in Richman is to build all kinds of buildings to boost your wealth.

Cards and Items: Cards can give you an advantage in the game and can be obtained by purchasing, landing on event spots or from gods. Depending on the type of cards used, you can bring down your opponents and rip them of their wealth!

Mighty NPC: Gods play an important role in this game. If you’re lucky, the gods may favour you and you’re in for a lucky treat for the next few rounds. Otherwise, the gods just might make you down on your luck for the next few throws! Certain gods do not appear in PK mode.

Event Spot: There are various event spots in Richman and all may yield different results. Some events will not appear in PK mode.