Ring of Elysium is a battle royale type shooter where players must fight for their lives against other players and life-stealing cold. You are a survivor trapped on a snow-covered mountain peak, and a blizzard rages around you, pushing you into ever closer quarters with the other survivors. A rescue flight is coming, but it only has room for four people, and if you want to be on that chopper, you'd better be ready to fight! Survival game meets battle royale shooter in Ring of Elysium, and there can be only one... err, four! Get ready for a reimagination of the original Battle Royale experience!

Ring Of Elysium Key Features

Get To The Choppa - Your only goal is survival. The weather rages around you. The other survivors are eager to kill you. Time is running out. Do anything you can to survive!

A Land Of Ice - The disaster raging around you is actively transforming the world right before your eyes. Regions will rapidly become icebound - and so will you if you don't move fast.

Move And Fight - Snowboard, hang glide, mountain climb, and simply run your way toward the chopper. Along the way, use an array of skills and weapons to eliminate competition. It's kill or be killed up here.