Rise of Kingdoms is a free-to-play construction strategy game that has already conquered the hearts of millions of people. Here the focus is on the development of a clan from ancient times to a great power. Depending on which of the historically inspired kingdoms you have chosen for your domination, you will have special units with powerful abilities at your side, such as Samurai, Teutonic Knights or Roman Legionnaires.

Rise of Kingdoms Key Features

13 kingdoms to choose from - As the author of your own history, you determine the fate of an entire civilization and lead your own culture to the pinnacle of power. Which path you take is up to you.

Many things to consider - Choose a capable commander to lead your army. Depending on your playstyle and plans, there are many different characters to choose from. And remember: you are not alone in the world of Rise of Kingdoms. Choose your friends carefully and become active in a powerful alliance.

Time to conquer the world! - Prove yourself in epic battles with other players who will shower you with fame and riches. Ultimately, conquering the entire world can be your goal, if only you want it and make the right decisions along the way.