Rising Generals is a Strategy MMO developed by strategy-specialist Innogames, known for Forge of Empires, Tribal Wars and Tribal Wars 2. Immerse yourself in a fast-paced war scenario. Rising Generals is set in a fictional, futuristic version of the tense Cold War scenario of the 1980s. The online war game features a realistic landscape and a strategic transport infrastructure that can be used to the players' advantage. Plan your armies' path through hostile territories and position your artillery at strategic spots. Choose your side, forge strategic alliances with friends and prevail in this free strategy war game! Join fierce battles, and smell the stench of gunpowder lingering over the battlefield.

As an instant-action strategy MMOG, Rising Generals strongly focuses on PvP. This means you can directly see the results of your actions - attacking another player's outpost means you can observe your army marching out to battle the second you give the order to attack! But beware: you will only be able to win PvP in this online war game with a well-planned, strategic resource production and allied players at your side. The fact that this strategy war game is instant-action also means that you have to plan your moves carefully - the enemy may respond right away! Likewise, your troops will defend your base if you get attacked, and you can swiftly launch a counter-attack.

Rising Generals Game Features

Retro Setting, Advanced Controls - The unique sci-fit setting provides players with a fun and retro-feeling world to fight in. You can seamlessly zoom on all devices to never miss the fine little details or to get a comprehensive overview of the entire battlefield, just whatever you like best!

Many Tactics - Will you overwhelm your enemies with brute force, or favor a more methodical approach? There are many roads to victory in Rising Generals; which will you follow?

Expansion Is Key To Success – command your army to defeat other players and to reign over the surrounding territory. Survival depends on becoming stronger in numbers, as a strong army is required to prevail in this strategy war game. Enjoy intense fights when commanding your armies to reach your goal of conquering neighboring sectors, and ultimately all of them.