Rising Thunder is a free to play sci-fi action and fighting game in which players take command of powerful robots and slug it out for glory and prizes. Rising Thunder uses very simplified controls compared to many fighting games; instead of requiring players to execute motion or combination based commands, Rising Thunder simply maps your robot's moves to 8 preset buttons, and it is designed to be played with Windows controllers, either Xbox One or Xbox 360 controllers or PC-compatible arcade control sticks. Rising Thunder has a deep matchmaking system, which utilizes multiple factors to place players into matches, and features fun, easy to learn multiplayer combat! Take command of a robot and get into the fight!

NOTE: Development of Rising Thunder has been cancelled.

Rising Thunder Game Features

Diverse Roster - Players can pick a wide variety of characters and robots, each with a very distinct style; Will you pick Vlad, a powerful flying fighter piloted by the Russian pilot Zib, or Dauntless, a fast melee brawler piloted by American Samantha "Sam" Cooper? Select your favorite and go for the glory!

Matchmaking System - The matchmaking system in Rising Thunder sorts players based on their skill level, geographical location, and time spent in the queue, to deliver the best possible match experience for players worldwide!

Simple To Learn - With simple controls and a matchmaking system which places new players in matches with others of their skill level, Rising Thunder is very easy for even a complete fighting game novice to pick up and enjoy. Keep in mind, that simple controls do not mean a lack of depth, however; Rising Thunder will take years to master!