Rising World is a world building game by JIW-Games. Explore the deepest caves, the densest forests, the highest mountains, and various secret dungeons in a world that you can shape as you choose. Play Rising World alone in Singleplayer, or build your world together with your friends in Multiplayer. The world can be completely deconstructed without any restrictions, so let your imagination run wild. Everything you see can be changed. Design the tools that you need to master your challenges, and invent increasingly advanced and powerful technologies. Found your own civilization, team up with other players, trade with them or fight them. Rising World also runs on all common operating systems, Windows, MacOS and Linux. This is your world, this is Rising World!

Rising World Key Features

Completely Modifiable Environments -The world can be completely deconstructed without any restrictions. Everything you see can be changed.

Randomly Generated Worlds -The world is generated completely randomly based on the seed. It contains various types of landscape, ranging from plains to mountains. Under the earth is a complex and deep network of caves.

Single And Multi Player - Rising World can be played in both single and multi-player mode. Play via the internet or LAN. All files required for a dedicated server are also available.

Realistic Physics - Many objects within the world are subject to the laws of physics. This currently applies to items that you throw away as well as trees, and will soon apply to water and vehicles. Basically this means that if, for example, a tree is felled, it immediately topples over as the laws of physics would dictate, and is influenced by the immediate environment, i.e. if it was on a hillside, for example, it would roll down the hill.

Construction System - There are almost 200 materials available for placing in the world in different forms, including as blocks, cylinders, stairs or ramps. The extended constructon system makes it possible to freely place even precise construction elements in the world. These range from panes of glass to wooden planks to metal plates.